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Our Mission

The goal of Mission Ready Performance is to optimize tactical readiness by implementing evidence-based human performance programs that reduce the risk of injuries, decrease pain, increase strength, and improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Our Mission

What We Do

Injury Prevention

Strength Training




What We Do

Our Goals

Improve tactical and operational readiness

Increase longevity

Improve overall health and quality of life

Tactical Strength and Conditioning

Brandi Walker, PhD - CEO, Founder


Dr. Brandi Walker is the Founder and CEO of Mission Ready Performance, LLC. Brandi has been a human performance specialist for 10 years, training top tier Division-I athletes, professional athletes, and USAF fighter pilots. Her tactical clients have been physically prepared for the rigors of daily training and missions, while also improving overall health and career longevity. The professional and collegiate athletes Brandi has worked with have competed at high levels on a national and international stage, and have won multiple championships.

Brandi obtained her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Towson University and went on to earn a Master’s of Public Health in Exercise Science, with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning, at The George Washington University. While working in collegiate athletics, she earned her doctorate degree in Health and Human Performance from Concordia University of Chicago. Additionally, she holds certifications through NSCA, USAW, is a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, and is pursuing additional certifications. 

Over the course of her 10-year career, Brandi has implemented programs that have assisted with readiness, reduced injury rates, and improved physical conditioning and mobility. As CEO of Mission Ready Performance, Brandi’s goal is to ensure that all clients are optimally prepared to execute the physical demands of their missions and return home safely.


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